Climbing the ladder of success

February 16, 2009

Some people step on other people’s fingers on the way up.

Some people say “Excuse me” as they climb by.

Some don’t bother to climb at all.

Some kick other folks in the throat and laugh as they fall.

Some help other people climb.

Some climb up so far and are happy.

Some are never happy.

Some find a ladder that isn’t so damn crowded.

What kind of climber are you?


I did it My way – Really?

February 15, 2009

We went to a Valentines Day dance last night. That’s always a bit of a struggle for me – I have no rhythm so I dance terribly. I don’t like loud music so I have to wear earplugs.. but my wife loves to dance, so I want to do what she likes. We go, we dance (she dances – I lurch around) and I love seeing her happy.

At one point the band played and sang Sinatra’s “I did it my way”. I would say almost all the men and quite a few of the women sang along, mumbling most of it but always enthusiastically belting out “I did it my-y-y-y way!”

And yet – most of them surely did not.

Most of them spent their lives doing what someone else told them do to. Not only what, but when and often how. That is the typical definition of an employer/employee relationship, after all:

Direction and control – Under the common-law test, a worker is an employee if the person for whom the work is performed has the right to direct and control the worker in the way the worker works both as to the final results and as to the details of when, where, and how the work is to be done. The employer need not actually exercise control, it is sufficient that the employer has the right to do so.

(From State of Texas Tax Audit Manual)

Unless you work for yourself, you really shouldn’t be singing that song, should you?

Out of office

February 1, 2009

It’s funny how the internet has changed things. I was out of office two days this past week and I think of that as unusual – I used to be up and down 128 and 495 all week long, day after day. I almost never worked out of my office; now it’s just the opposite.

You’d think that would cut car expenses and mileage but it hasn’t that much because of my wife’s illness (trips to doctors) and the long trip to see her father at his nursing home each week. Between those things and the outside work that I still do, the yearly mileage is still 24,000 or so.. it was 30-35 in the “old days” (not even ten years ago!) so I suppose that’s something, but it could be better.