Grab the reins – now is the best time of all!

By the way,  I just made this “Responsibility and Honesty- watch your back!” post at my site.  It’s related to Self Employment but I posted it there because I really want some feedback and there are very few readers here so far..

Anyway, on my ride in to the job described there, I was thinking how easy it is to work for yourself today.

Think about reaching customers.  According to Google Analytics, my APLawrence site has seen 2,494,647 Unique Views so far this year.   Imagine what it would have cost to reach that many potential customers before the Internet.  Never mind the cost of producing two and a half million catalogs or letters to mail; just the cost of the postage alone is staggering!

Some years back, I had a national 800 number for the convenience of my customers – phone service has become so cheap today that nobody hesitates to dial any number in the same country – and even International calls aren’t all that expensive now!

Years back, I had to hire an answering service too.   A pager was an absolute necessity. Voice mail and cell phones took care of both those expenses.

This is an incredibly wonderful time to work for yourself!


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