Home Office Guilt

I see a lot of people using two monitors now.  It’s great to have your main app on one screen and everything else on another.

I’d love to do that. I sometimes DO hook up another monitor, but mostly I sit here at the (relatively) tiny screen of my MacBook Pro.

It’s not so horrible – I Apple-Tab between apps – but I really would like to have two.. or three..maybe more?

But every time I hook the other one up I start feeling guilty about wasting electricity. This is from someone who never turns anything else off for “convenience”.

But all that stuff isn’t staring at me like that monitor does as it defiantly sips power. I can see the printer, but it only has a tiny light. The Verizon router has lots of lights but it’s under my desk. The half dozen vampire plugs ready to service my cell phone, the battery charger, the bluetooth and who even remembers what else are all on outlet bars that could be shut off.. but they are under the desk too.. and when the MacBook sleeps, that little blinking light is surely meaningless, right?

That darn monitor is just too big and bright.  I can’t ignore it, even when it is in power saving mode.

I should put the monitor under the desk. No, that wouldn’t work..


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