Did I mention that she hates Earthlink?

I help my neighbors with computer problems at no charge.

“Neighbors” here is about 800 homes – I live in an “Over 55 Active Adult Community”. I know, that sounds like condominiums or cramped apartments.. no, we have individual homes on quarter to half acre lots. It’s a nice place: http://oakpointhomes.com.

This week I went down to see a sweet little woman with an Earthlink problem.  The problem?  She hated Earthlink.  She had formerly used AOL, but her computer died, her son bought her a new one and he set it up with Earthlink.

Did I mention that she hates Earthlink?

Yeah.  AOL was already installed on her computer, but she couldn’t get it to work. She told me she had called AOL and they were unable to help her.  Very frustrating.

I quickly spotted the problem: AOL wasn’t set to dial “1” and it needed to.  In a few minutes I had her back on AOL and she was very happy about that.  I’m amazed that AOL couldn’t figure THAT out, but so it goes.

We chatted a bit.  Her husband had died before she moved here, her son lives far away.  She used to be a piano teacher, but now she lives only on Social Security – $21,000 a year.

You would never know that to look at her or her home.  The home is small, but neat, clean and nicely decorated.  She’s well dressed, bright, cheerful – really a lovely lady.  She confessed that it is hard for her to get by with so little.

This is why I help my “neighbors” for free.   In a community like this, some people have a lot more money than I do, but some do not.   You can’t tell by looking at their homes, their cars: that Mercedes in the driveway might have been  bought before a husband died, or might be a castoff from a son or daughter.  You just don’t know, and I’m not going to ask.  I just help for free and that’s it.

The funny thing is, sometimes the people who I know could afford it least will try to pay me.  I refuse absolutely and ask them to donate to charity if they feel they must.

This woman didn’t try to pay me.  She just gave me a hug.

I also do a website for the community.  You can visit that at http://oakpointcommunity.org

I’m still kicking around in this unfamiliar WordPress territory.. bear with me..

Psst – Wanna work for yourself?


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